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January 25th, 2018|

I set up a separate Instagram account for myself, dedicated to doodling and taking on various drawing challenges. For me, some of the process of design thinking goes on in my head, and some [...]

A Better Wall

January 22nd, 2017|

Like many people, lately I've been wondering about social media. And since I've been spending some time as a designer in China, Korea and the US over the past decade, and observing how social [...]

Changing Places

January 14th, 2017|

Years ago, when we were living in Seoul and traveling around the region quite a bit, I went through a film photography phase. From deep inside my closet I resurrected my old Pentax K1000 [...]


December 7th, 2016|

Every year in early December, I find myself staring at a blank page with the self-imposed problem of, “We need another holiday card… in a week!” It's hard to describe the process after that; [...]


December 1st, 2016|

"There is an experiencing self, who lives in the present. And knows the present. Is capable of reliving the past, but basically it has only the present…  The remembering self is the one who [...]