This is My Island

Welcome to My Hong Kong, alternate cover
Spread from Welcome to my Hong Kong sticker book
Spread from Welcome to my Hong Kong sticker book

Hong Kong was home for almost 4 years. During our stay there, we had a special home, a small “Outlying Island” called Cheung Chau.

Human-scaled Cheung Chau — with more dried fish, bicycles and beaches than cars, elevators or malls — was the perfect place for my Sammy to be a small child.  In 2014, as we prepared for our move back to New York City, I reflected on his 2 years of scooping sand, babbling to stray cats and poking fish in the wet market, hoping that the soul of Cheung Chau should somehow remain part of his soul and that, no matter how far in the world we might wander, he might be an “island boy” at heart.

So I started drawing again, in an attempt to capture some of that for him. Before we bid goodbye to the island, I gave 12 handbound books printed on rice paper, stitched with red thread to our friends and family in Hong Kong, and kept a copy for ourselves. For over a year, I came back to the book, reworking images and updating words. There is also an e-book, to read on an iPad or iPhone. and a bound copy available through Blurb.

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