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Doctors' offices in the U.S. spend an average of 20+ hours each week dealing with “claim edits” — clerical inaccuracies ranging from missing birthdates to mis-typed diagnoses codes or other typos —  that result in millions of physicians being underpaid and millions of patients being overcharged. The issue is so time-consuming and costly, most large [...]

eiu presentation

EIU sales presentation

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is an independent business within The Economist Group providing forecasting and advisory services through research and analysis, such as monthly country reports, five-year country economic forecasts, country risk service reports, and industry reports. The EIU office in Hong Kong approached my agency, Fluid HK (now a part of PWC), with [...]

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Living-at-Home Medical website

For many disabled, chronically-ill, frail or hospice patients, frequent visits to clinics and hospitals for check ups and lab work can be nearly impossible. Living-at-Home Medical is a small house calls medical practice in New York City that provides personalized, culturally sensitive geriatrics and palliative care in the comfort of the patient's own home. The [...]

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What would you call a mobile payment service for self-employed mental health providers? An iOS app that files claims, keeps track of payments and handles eligibility checks and problem resolutions, all so that psychologists and other mental health practitioners can stop worrying about insurance and focus on treating their patients instead? I joined Electronic Remedy [...]

Fluffy Panic games

Fluffy Panic game

This fun little in-house project began one spring when my team at Fluid HK (now a part of PWC) was wondering aloud, "What makes a video game addictive?" A couple of brainstorming sessions later, and this adorable and addictive Flash game -- in which players must protect the soft tasty bunnies from the ravenous foxes [...]