Oh, hello there! This portfolio site is still in development. Do have a look around, but please forgive the occasional lorem ipsum and construction dust… 🙂

I’m a UI and UEX designer with 16+ years experience designing all kinds of stuff on two different continents. In addition to user interface design, I create logos, design print media, develop brands and make websites. It’s a wide range of capabilities, but what’s common among all of them is that — whether you are trying to reach a marketing demographic, a retail customer, a website visitor or a product user — people are people, with human needs, desires, challenges and behaviors. Human-centered design is always my starting point. I love wireframing, flowcharting, sketching and brainstorming and I will possibly bombard you with more existential questions than any other designer you’ve ever hired.

I’m both a dreamer and a do-er. As a design consultant & practitioner, I ensure that my work is compatible with my clients’​ business models and their stakeholders’ needs, tailored to their budgets, consistently branded across all media, and ultimately, of course, an intuitive, engaging and rewarding experience for the end user & audience. Take a look at my CV and get in contact here.